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What is Collegiate Recruiter?
Collegiate Recruiter is a secure internet-based interactive recruiting system that integrates the University Greek System Council, Fraternities/Sororities, and PNMs.

Why use Collegiate Recruiter?
Collegiate Recruiter eliminates the laborious task of managing paper documents by establishing information exchange between the PNMs and the Fraternity/Sorority.

How does Collegiate Recruiter accomplish this?
Collegiate Recruiter provides internet-based registration, review, selection and notification that follow the guidelines of Sorority (green book) and Fraternity (IFC) organizations.

Collegiate Recruiter Benefits:
Online Registration - PNMs enter their information via the internet into your secure database.
•   Administrative Confirmation - Recruitment officials review, verify information and confirm registration of PNM.
•   Grouping and Sorting - Recruitment officials run automatic grouping process and print name tags.
•   Standardized Labels - Industry Standard Avery Labels are used for name tags.
•   Daily Online Selection - Fraternity/Sorority online selection process.
•   Daily Reporting - Selection reports, statistics on individual PNMs, and Fraternity/Sorority return reports.
•   Online Exit Forms - PNM exit survey and administration reports.
"Everyone knows how demanding preparing for recruitment can be. The staff at ICS was not only courteous, but equally important they were prompt."
Jason Dean, Assistant Dean, Ole Miss