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What is Collegiate Recruiter?

Collegiate Recruiter is a secure internet-based interactive recruiting system that integrates the University Greek System Council, Fraternities/Sororities, and PNMs.

Why use Collegiate Recruiter?

Collegiate Recruiter eliminates the laborious task of managing paper documents by establishing information exchange between the PNMs and the Fraternity/Sorority

How does Collegiate Recruiter accomplish this?

Collegiate Recruiter provides internet-based registration, review, selection and notification that follow the guidelines of Sorority (green book) and Fraternity (IFC) organizations.

Collegiate Recruiter Benefits:

•Online Registration - PNMs enter their information via the internet into your secure database.

• Administrative Confirmation - Recruitment officials review, verify information and confirm registration of PNM.

• Grouping and Sorting - Recruitment officials run automatic grouping process and print name tags.

• Standardized Labels - Labels are used for name tags.• Daily Online Selection - Fraternity/Sorority online selection process.• Daily Reporting - Selection reports, statistics on individual PNMs, and Fraternity/Sorority return reports.


Collegiate Recruiter

ICS (Interactive Collegiate Solutions) has been successfully providing Greek recruitment solutions for universities for over ten years. From our original customer base to new customers signing up - our commitment to your satisfaction is always a priority. Due to the quality and stability of our software, superior support during critical operating periods and dedication of our staff listening to new functionality ideas - ICS is the preferred choice for web based Greek recruitment.

 History of ICS

Interactive Collegiate Solutions began working on the Collegiate Recruiter process in 2002 when an IFC president and a Panhellenic President were fed up with the time and extreme effort it took to run a successful Greek recruitment process. He teamed with a business development manager at ICS, a progressive web-based solutions provider, whom has over 8 years as an advisor and 10 years experience in the recruitment process in the university Greek system. The solution became "Collegiate Recruiter", an interactive web-based product with information rich reports and time saving features which would allow them to save time, money and provide statistics on the process unlike any other product they had used. Over the past six years "Collegiate Recruiter" started as a feature rich product in its inception to a fully integrated package that solves the lifecycle of recruitment in the Greek community today. As ICS continues to seek feedback from it's customers, the product continues to evolve by offering more tools that add value to the complicated recruitment process. ICS has become a customer driven system based on the feedback from hundreds of Universities and growing.

 Professional Affilations

ACPA American College Personnel Association www.myacpa.org

ACUI Association of College Unions International www.acui.org

AFA Associations of Fraternity Advisors www.fraternityadvisors.org

FEA Fraternity Executive Association www.fea.org

MGCA Mid-America Greek Council Association www.mgca.org

NACA National Association of Campus Activities www.naca.org

NASPA National Association of Student Personnel Administrators www.naspa.org

NGLA Northeast Greek Leadership Association www.ngla.org

NIC National Interfraternity Council www.nicindy.org

NPC National Panhellenic Council www.npcwomen.com

SEPC Southeastern Panhellenic Council www.sepconline.org

WRGA Western Region Greek Association www.wrgaonline.org


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