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PLEASE pull any detailed information you need before you get setup for Fall!


DO NOT change any dates in Define Event until after we set you up with your new event!!! 


Let us know you are ready to be set up for Fall recruitment, providing: Note (If you do not have specific "recruitment" dates then let us know you are only using Registration)


-Date, Time you begin registration

-Date, Time you end registration

-Event Start Date (1st day of parties)

-Event End Date (Bid Day)

-Event Expire Date (last day chapters will have access to information)

-Recruit Counselor log in date (1st day RC's will have access to log in if used)

Special Notes:

Email Connie or Laura to get set up for your next recruitment!  We are ready to help you!


Update your Disclaimers & Register yourself.

Please register yourself before you open registration so you can verify all the info you need is showing up. You will do this under 

System Setup/Configuation/Registration Form. (there is a "Preveiw Enrollment" button.)

Reminders after you have been set up for your new Event!!

  • Recruitment Counselors/PNM's can NOT log in until the login date is set in System Setup/Event Setup/Define Event.

  • Your registration form will be the same as your last event. There will be no need to make changes unless needed.

  • And remember you can export ALL information that any PNM submits when they register from System Setup/Tools/Data Export. This is helpful for emails, phone numbers and any additional questions you may have included in registration.



Let's get your trainings scheduled!

Once you are set up for Fall recruitment, contact your trainer in your confirmation email to receiving a personal training and other tools to make your recruitment seamless!!!


5109 82nd St. Suite 7, #154  *  Lubbock, Texas 79424